Refashion Sweater Ideas with Pom Pom

refashion sweater

Are you living in a cold weather? or you like to travel in a cold state?

Oh, you must have so many warm clothes including sweater. But did you wear all of it?

Is there one of them that is ugly and you are lazy to wear it?

Then you are in the right place. 

A few days ago I just bought a pom pom maker from brand clover.I’m very excited to try it and I happen to have an idea to refashion my old sweater with pom pom to make it look nicer.

I pick my mint-green sweater and for the pom pom I chose grapefruit color.

I think it’s a great idea because the two colors produce a beautiful blend. Like summer breeze, fresh. If you’re interested in trying it let’s make it together.

Before we get started.

You will need   :

You will need

  1. Sweater or sweatshirt
  2. Pom pom maker (I personally like and use clover)
  3. Acrylic worsted weight yarn (I use grape fruit color from Lion brand vanna’s choice)
  4. Small comb
  5. Sharp Scissor
  6. Sewing needle
  7. Sewing yarn (Make sure you pick the exact yarn color or nearly same)

Difficulty Level          : Beginner

Step by step:

Make a pom pom with pom pom maker
Refashion sweater with pom pom 2

  1. Wind the yarn in both sides.

Refashion sweater with pom pom 4

  1. Cut the wound yarn.

Refashion sweater with pom pom 7

  1. Cut a thread of yarn approx 10 inches/25 cm.

Refashion sweater with pom pom 8

  1. Tie it with yarn about 3 times. Make sure to tie it very tight.

Refashion sweater with pom pom 10

  1. Remove pom pom maker and it will become like this. It’s done yet, you need to cut the remaining yarn (long tail ones), make it same size with the other.

Refashion sweater with pom pom 12

  1. To make it more fluffy shape the pom pom with a small comb slowly.

Sew Pom Pom in Sweater’s Sleeve

Refashion sweater with pom pom 15

  1. Make 6 pom poms 3 for each sleeve, and sew it with sewing needle and sewing yarn.

Refashion sweater with pom pom 17

  1. Sew it in triangle shape to keep it safe in the place and you’re done.


Now you have a new look for your old sweater!

Maybe you have a different sweater style in your closet and you want to choose different color for the yarn too. That’s really fine. But I would like to see it.

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refashion sweater ideas with pom pom

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