How to crochet: last minute gift for your special day, quick and fun!

last minute gifts

Have no time to prepare a gift for your special day?

But you still want to give a good impression for the gift.

So you are in the right place.

This idea I got yesterday when I played an origami game with my little niece.

In a special day, people generally bring a present right? and sometimes they add a letter with a common envelope as a perfect match for the gift.

That’s when I have an idea “why didn’t I make a tutorial on how to crochet an envelope as last minute gift for my readers”.

Maybe it’s not a fancy gift, but with the effort, someone will know that you are truly sincere.

This project is perfect for you who has a busy schedule and have no idea what to give for someone in a special day because this project only needs a little time to finish, fun to make and it’s unique in other words.

So without being said, let’s get started!

You will need                        :

last minute gifts material

  1. Cotton yarn size superfine/DK/sport (White color)
  2. Crochet hook 2mm-3,25mm
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Flannel fabric (Burgundy color)
  5. A Scissor
  6. Tapestry needle
  7. Sewing yarn (white color)
  8. Sewing needle

Abbreviations           :

  • Ch                     : Chain
  • Dc                     : Double crochet
  • Sl st                 : Slip stitch

Difficulty Level : Beginner

Step by step               :

How to Make Last Minute Gift

last minute gifts free pattern 1

  1. Make a slip knot.
  2. Ch 25.

last minute gifts free pattern 2

  1. Find the second stitch from the hook.
  2. 1 Dc in the second stitch from the hook.

last minute gifts free pattern 3

  1. Dc in every stitch until the end corner.
  2. Ch 1 and then turn the project.

last minute gifts free pattern 4

  1. Repeat the same step again and continue to make it about 11 round (14 in to tal, including ch 25). Measure the project approximately width x height = 5×5 inches.
  2. After you finish the last round, ch 1 and but don’t cut yarn.

last minute gifts free pattern 5

  1. Now make the lining start from the left side, sc 2 times in every stitch until the corner.
  2. For the corner, do sc 3 times in the same stitch. And after that continue the work do sc in everystitch (and again sc 3 times in the corner part). Next sc 2 times in everystitch (except the corner sc 3 times). And the last round, sc in everystitch and do slip stitch in the corner). Ch 1 and cut yarn remain long (long tail).

last minute gifts free pattern 6

  1. After you finish the square, fold it like in the picture, and sew every stitch with the tapestry needle.
  2. Take out the flannel fabric, make a heart shape and cut the fabric with the scissor. Prepare a sewing yarn and sewing needle.

last minute gifts free pattern 7

  1. Place the heart in crochet project and sew it with sewing yarn (make it look like dotted line).
  2. And Voila…… It’s done, quick right? And if you want to place a letter inside the envelope, then good choice, It’ll be perfect.

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