Get Yarn Color Palette Automatically From Images

yarn color palette

Can you imagine if color disappears from the earth?

How horrible that would be. Life will be boring.

Everyone like color dan everyone has their own favorite color.

Sometimes you express your feeling through color. When you are sad you intentionally wear a dark color than a bright one right?

Color can be an identity. For example, when you are joining a community, color in the member outfit or symbol is used to differentiate yourself as a member of a certain community.

Even every nation has flags as their identity. The flags are so colorful. In each color contain a philosophy of the country.

Color can be a signal too. A traffic light, something that we see almost every day (red, yellow, and green, repeat).

Even you are as a human have a color that stick to your body. The color that can be seen, such as blood and skin, and the colors which remain abstract such as your aura.

Look how blessed you and I to have color in our life. Thank God .

Life is beautiful when you are grateful”.

When I went out for a walk, I often saw a color that captivated me like when I went to the coffee shop I often found cute cup, or stunning decoration wall in the caffe, and park etc.

I was wondering that if only I know the color name. I’m definitely will buy a yarn with the same exact color for my next project. It must be nice.

So because I didn’t know  the name of the color, I let it go, and moving on.

Okay,  let’s go back to the main topic on how to get yarn color palette automatically from images for your crochet project.

After I get through some research (not actually a research just randomly surfing the internet , but yeah it’s pretty similar, right?! lol) finally I found a pretty cool website, it is calledCANVA”.

I love this website very much, It’s easy to use and it helps me design and produced nice result for pretty much all of my project.

This website has a cool featured called “color palette generator” which can help you to find colors palette automatically from an image.

So related to the topic, you can use this feature to find yarn color quickly and easy for your next crochet project. How cool is that? kekeke^^.

But, in some case when one of the color didn’t appear, that is because the image is not so clear, so make sure you upload image with good quality, that’s  why HD picture is a better choice.

You can find many HD picture and beautiful images on stock photos website such as Getty images, Istockphoto, Pixabay, Adobe stock, Shutterstock, and many more.

Now without any further do, let me show you how the app works.

  • Step by step using canva color palette generator :

1.First, open Canva 

canva homepage


2.Click tools,

canva tools

3. Select color palette, and It will be open in new tab like this :


color palette generator

4.Okay, now let’s say I want to get color palette from this cute lion picture for my graphghan project:

lion vector


5. Then I upload this image to the canva color palette generator.

lion canva color palette result


6. Tadaaa,, so the yarn color I need to make this exact lion image for my crochet project are maroon, saddle brown, dark olive green, sienna, white and black.

After you get the color you want, all you have to do is buy yarn with the exact color at store, you can go with offline store or online store, the choice is all yours.

If you go to offline store you can just give the details about the fabric and the color to the seller, and if you choose to buy it online there are plenty of online store out there which sells crochet yarns such as ebay, shopify, amazon,and lazada, tokopedia, bukalapak (for indonesia resident) and etc.

You can just open the website and type in the searching bar with keyword such as “maroon cotton yarn for crochet” or “cotton yarn for crochet brown color” it depends on what material and the color you want for your project.

Things to pay attention is make sure you choose a good sales and store with nice rating and review from the verified purchase customer.


Color is an identity, color is an expression, color is a signal, color is an art, and etc.

Color make your life colorful, and color makes us live a better life.

Sometimes it’s easy to find your dream color, and sometimes it’s difficult. Depend on what source you use to find it.

I found this website which help me so much on my work to get yarn color palette automatically from images for my crochet project , that is:

– Canva, with its cool feature called color palette generator

I’ve tried to explain the steps on how the app work related to the topic in easy way with screenshot, so you can understand it better.

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yarn solor palette

So, now you know how to get yarn color palette automatically from images.

If you like to try this tips and trick, you can try it for your next  crochet project. Good luck :).

If this post is helpful and make benefit for you I would like to hear about it. So that I can make another post similar like this in the future and share it with you.

Last but not least, If you have a question don’t hesitate, please ask me by leaving a comment below. I will help you as much as I can .

I hope this post can help you to reach your goal.

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