Embroidery Patterns BTS on Tote Bag : Free Printable Fonts

embroidery letters

What things that you always carry everywhere?

 Is it a handphone? wallet? bag? In this post I will discuss about bag.

Without a bag we will have difficulty carrying the goods we need, especially if the amount are many, such as makeup equipment, college books and so on.

Well because I like to make experiments about unique things, then on this project I will make an embroidery patterns on a bag to look different from most bags in general.

This project was inspired by BTS also known as Bangtan Boys which is a boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment.

They debuted since 2013, but after they performed in the AMA’S in 2017 their names are more famous to the rest of the world.

They have a lot of good songs but in this project I took their title song called “not today”.

Do you guys also happen to be a bts fan? Or is your friend? Your brother/sister? Your child?

If you are insterested in making this this project let’s make it together.

You can put it for your wall decoration or you can also use it to hang out with friends and make them jealous ha!

You can also give it to the bts fans as a gift (oho nice of you).

So without being said, let’s begin!

You will need:

embroidery patterns

  1. A Tote bag (I use black color)
  2. A hoop.
  3. Embroidery floss (I use white and pink ) / thin acrylic yarn (I use purple, peach and green).
  4. Printable fonts, you can download it here
  5. Metalic marker (I use pink).
  6. Embroidery needle/tapestry needle.

Step by step:

Make embroidery Patterns 

To make this project I use the chain stitch method, you can learn it here

embroidery patterns 11. After you know how to do the chain stitch, first of all starts draw the letters with a metalic marker, I added another image as an ornament that are sun and thumblr arrow (you can draw anything else it’s up to your imagination).

embroidery patterns 2

2. After you finish drawing continue to work on a circle of sun with peach acrylic yarn.

embroidery patterns 3

3. Then a flash of sunlight with a green yarn.

embroidery patterns 4

4. After that create alphabet no, not today with white embroidery floss

embroidery patterns 5

5. Then alphabet BTS with pink embroidery floss.

embroidery patterns 6

6. Finally, the thumblr arrow with a purple embroidery floss.


Voila, finally finished. It’s easy right? Now you have a bts tote bag that you can carry everywhere.

For those of you who do not know who is bts or which song is it, you can check the video below.

BTS “NOT TODAY” Comeback stage

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Embroidery Patterns

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