DIY Jewelry Earrings For Girls Made from Yarn

diy jewelry earring

Do you have abandoned yarns?

I suggest not to throw it because you can make a lot of things crafty from it

For example, a jewelry crafts that are necklace, bracelet or earrings

When I go through my jewelry closet today, I accidentally found some abandoned earrings material diy. So I thought it would be great to make something crafty like handmade earrings and share it with my reader.

And then just a couple of minutes I finish the earrings with two different colors, and this is my experiment result look alike

# Handmade earring white color

How to make earrings


So after you see the images above, do you still want to throw your abandoned yarn?

Or you want to make that handmade earring with me?

If yes, let’s do it now!

So today I’m going to show you how to make diy jewelry earrings, this earring is for girl with a simple design.

The material you will need: 

  1. Cotton yarn grey color superfine (Prepare about 108 inches or 272 cm)
  2. A scissor
  3. Earring material diy
  4. Colorful beads (I use yellow color for this project)
  5. A Measuring tape


Choose beads which have a bigger hole than the yarn size

Step by step :

1. Cut yarn with a scissor, measures about 27 inches, make 4 (four)

2. Take out 2 (two) strands and put the yarn into earrings hole and make a tight knot, so after that in each earring hole have 4 strands

3. To make it easier find a handle to hold the earrings so that it will not moving around, I’m using the scissor.

4. Then follow my hand, take out the very left yarn and very right yarn, and make a knot together, continue it until you found the right length, mine 1,5 inch or 4 cm {I make about 20 (twenty) times knot}

5. After that, cut yarn into the same length and place the beads into yarn, each 2 (two) yarn have 1 (one) bead

6. Then continue to make a knot a couple times, mine 5 (five) times and make finishing knot, and cut yarn

7. Once you’ve done with one earring, make again with the same step for the left ear, you can rewind the video

8. And, voila it’s done, now you have nice handmade earrings. You can make another earring too with different color, your favorite color. Good luck 🙂

You can make this handmade earring at home or anywhere, alone with friends or with your kids, because it just needs simple equipment and easy step by step.

After you try this DIY earring, I would like to see it. You can tag me with hashtag #mintflavadiyearrings for Instagram lovers or you can post your images on my Pinterest pin.

And if you having difficulty in text instruction, you can check out this video tutorial below for more clear instruction.

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diy jewelry earrings

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