DIY Headbands No Sew in 10 Minutes

headband no sew

Hi gurls, GOOD NEWS for you!!!

Now you can save your money for dress up.

Everygirls like to dress up right?

Especially there’s a lot event to go like birthday party, concert, wedding etc.

But sometimes it’s burdensome because it takes a lot of money to do so.

Speaking off dress up, for girls accessories is part of it.

For me, I always have a weak heart when I saw cute things like headbands, bracelet, necklace, keychain, etc.

Every time I went to groceries I often add something not necessary in my shopping cart.

I didn’t concern about that too much until “whatttt,, where all my money’s gone???”

“No, no, no that’s not my accessories fault it’s the country deficit financial problem so all the stuff become expensive!” LOL.

You can take it as a concern if that happens often like mine was, and if that habit can cause you to rob bank LOL then it will be a seeeeeriiiooous case.

Ok, let’s get to the main topic. My tittle post is about headband. Yes, I’m going to show you how to make it from scratch in about 10 minutes or less.

This is what my headband experiment look alike, I asked my cousin to become a model :


headband no sew 3

It’s just a matter of speed, in the video below I work with slow speed because I try to explain the step by step in an easy way so you can understand it better.

That’s why of course you can do it faster than me after you see this tutorial. It’s super easy and look like from factory production. So people wouldn’t recognize it as it is handmade.

Plus you just need a simple equipment, so you can make it as many as you want from 1 skein of yarn for all your family or friends.

So without being said, let’s get started!!!

You will need :

  1. A Tshirt yarn or zpagetti yarn sky color (97 inches or 248 cm)
  2. A scissor
  3. Some silver sterling beads (you will need 8)
  4. A crochet hook size 4/5 mm
  5. A measuring tape

Step by step :

  1. Measure the yarn about 60+37 which is 97 inch or 248 cm.
  2. Take out 8 beads, fold yarn into 2 strands make sure it becomes same length.
  3. Measure the blunt corner about 7 inches or 18 cm, make a sign like 2 holes by bent both yarn (left and right) like rotating number 8 into 90 degrees.
  4. Put right yarn to left hole (front to back), and put left yarn to right hole (back to front), and fasten off by pulling two yarn.
  5. Now, make the first knot from the left side by bent the left yarn and put the right yarn into left hole (back to front) and fasten off, and then make another knot from the right side, then put left yarn to right hole (back to front).
  6. Continue to make another knot from left,right, and left, so (5 knots in total), after that place the beads inside the yarn. Make sure you choose beads which have bigger hole than the yarn, this yarn width approximately 3 cm.
  7. After you finish 4 knots, place the beads again. Continue to make knot and place beads until you use all of the 8 beads.
  8. When you have placed the last 2 beads after that make 8 knots start from the left side. After you finish it, then put right yarn and left yarn inside the center hole.
  9. Take the crochet hook and pull inside the yarn into corner hole. Make another 2 until 3 knots for the last round and weave as neat as possible in the end, and voila it’s DONE!!

These above are just a text instruction, I know you will be having difficulty to understand it. That’s why I made this video tutorial below.

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Headbands no sew

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