DIY Embroidery Felt Brooch Pin : Motivational Quotes.

diy embroidery felt

How’s your life? Are you having a bad day and need motivation?

If you are sad right now don’t cry alone in your room, tell your sadness to the closest person with you. Other than that, you can do another simple activity like reading that worth your time.

Read motivational quotes that can inspire you to live a good life by always doing positive activities that will bring great influence for you.

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But to be more effective, you have to use these motivational quotes every day in your daily life. but how?

Don’t worry, I have an idea :). So prepare yourself for something fun.

Let’s make DIY embroidery felt brooch pin. The main material is flannel and it will be embroidered by hand with sewing thread.

Without any further do, let’s get started!

How To Make Embroidery Felt Brooch Pin Step By Step

diy embroidery felt

Materials :

  1. Flannel ( I use light green);
  2. Hard fabric / hard paper (but there is a possibility that it will get wet and fall apart after washing);
  3. a ball of thin acrylic knitting yarn (I use light purple);
  4. Sewing yarn (I use black and neon pink);
  5. Sewing needle;
  6. Tapestry needle;
  7. Black marker/ballpoint pen;
  8. Scissor;
  9. Hot glue;
  10.  Brooch pin handle;
  11.  A round container (ex. night cream box to make a flannel fabric into a round).

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diy embroidery felt

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Pretty cool right?

So are you having trouble making it?

If you need help or just want to ask me about this project please comment below or email me directly using the email address on the contact menu.

I hope you like it and if you manage to make it by yourself at home or anywhere else, you can post it on your social media and give the hashtag #mintflavadiy so I can see it.

Tips: If you want to use dark colored flannel for the base, then bright threads for the text is a good choice, and vice versa so that the result will be more eye-catching.

Good luck .

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Good luck.

Happy crocheting!

Have a great day.