Crochet Small Pouch Fresh Fruit Watermelon

crochet small pouch

Tired of losing small things?

Phone charger, watches, earphone, meaningful jewelry, USB camera, flash disk, finance cards, etc

Then this post is your hope.

I will show you how to make a cute crochet small pouch with watermelon pattern that could be carried easily anywhere. Perfect for your traveling must have things.

Let’s keep your small important things last long and save your money.

For the pattern, if you see the featured image, maybe you’ll think it’s a graphgan crochet, but sadly no.This project is a mixed action between crochet and painting.

So you will not having difficulty to follow it, because I admit it that it needs skill and more patient to make a graphgan because you have to change the color time by time to match the exact color in the pattern for better result.

Theme for this project is fruits.

Why I choose a watermelon ? than the other fruit is because I feel it’s easy to paint it and plus everytime I see a watermelon I don’t know I just feel a sudden fresh vibe. It’s nice.

So If I use it in my bad days, it will brighten my mood. That’s why. Then yes, you can choose your favorite fruit too.

But at this time I only can provide you with watermelon pattern. You can download the pattern below.

And without being said, let’s get started!

You will need   :

crochet small pouch

  1. Cotton yarn size superfine/DK/sport (White and Light Pink)
  2. Crochet hook 2 mm-3,25 mm
  3. A Scissor
  4. A glue gun
  5. Adhesive sticker
  6. A measuting tape
  7. A glass of water
  8. 4 (four) wood fork
  9. Fabric color paint (red, white,black green)
  10. Paint brush
  11. A palette
  12. Printable watermelon pattern, to download click here

Difficulty Level          : Beginner

Abbreviations           :

  1. Ch : Chain
  2. St : Stitch
  3. Sc : Single crochet
  4. Dc : Double crochet
  5. Sl st : Slip stitch
  6. Sl st back loop

Step by step:

Crochet Pouch 


crochet small pouch 2

  1. Make a slip knot.
  2. Ch 18, sc on second st from hook,
  3. Sc in the next 15.

crochet small pouch 3

  1. Sc 3 in corner,
  2. Sc next 15, sc 2 in the next st,
  3. Join with a sl st, and ch 1.

crochet small pouch 4

  1. Sc in st as ch 1,
  2. Sc next 15,
  3. Sc 2, sc 2, sc 2, (corner).

crochet small pouch 5

  1. Sc in the next 16, sc 2,
  2. Join with a sl st, and ch 1,
  3. Sc all around, and join with a sl st in the end. Continue the next round sc in the same st as last sl st.

crochet small pouch 6

  1. Sc all around until 4 inch or 10 cm,
  2. Pause your sc in the middle of the last round,
  3. and then do sl st until the corner, cut yarn and weave in the end.

Make a Rope

crochet small pouch 7

  1. Now you’ve finish the main body,
  2. After that let’s make a rope, take the pink yarn and place it up to you (pouch handle standard) and then make a tight knot.
  3. Take your crochet hook and then ch 30.

crochet small pouch 8

  1. Join with a sl st in the next pouch holder place, this is what it looks like.
  2. After that ch 1, turn the project, sc till the corner rope, join with a sl st, cut yarn.
  3. And then make a tight knot with the previous remaining yarn and weave in the pink side.

Place The Adhesive Sticker

crochet small pouch 9

  1. Take the circle adhesive sticker and then add a hot glue into it with the glue gun.
  2. Place it inside the pouch, in the center side to side.

Paint The Watermelon Pattern

crochet small pouch 10

  1. Prepare the painting materials, palette, paint brush, wood fork, and a glass of water, printable watermelon pattern. Take the fabric paint color with the wood forks for each color (4 fork for 4 colors, it’s optional).Print the watermelon pattern, and then begin painting the watermelon with paintbrush. You will need water to clean the brush from the color paint and change with another color.
  2. And Voila… it’s done. Fresh from the oven HA!

crochet small pouch 11

  1. If you have detached phone charger, then it’s better to separate it into two to fit inside the pouch.
  2. Like this pic.

This project not require you to have an advanced painting skill and if you decide to make this exact pouch you can paint it by seeing the pattern you can download above.

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crochet small pouch

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