Crochet Scrunchie with Bow Less than 10 Minutes

crochet scrunchie

Hey girls? A quick random question? What makes you feel beautiful?

I know that all women are eternally beautiful, but what is the certain thing that makes you feel that way?

For me is when I feel I’m wearing or using something right like a good skincare product or outfit or even small accessories but for sure good personality is on top all of that.

Speaking of accessories, do you have your favorite ones? What is it?

I like hair tie or hairband or scrunchie, I use hijab that’s why I need it so that my hair feels comfortable and doesn’t make my neck feel itchy and oily.

I know not all women like accessories but for this one even if you don’t like it but you still need it right? so choosing a good hairtie is a must to receive all the benefits.

Nowadays the weather is more unpredictable not like it used to be and you will increasingly need it especially in the summer. Those of you who have long and thick hair, of course, you will need it the most.

There’s a lot of types of hair ties or scrunchies sold all over the world, but it would be great if you could make it yourselves right?

You can decorate it with all the various things you like plus you can save your money to buy something else.

So in this post, I will show you how to make your own/DIY crochet scrunchie from a plain elastic band and yarn that will turn into a beautiful hair tie with a little cute bow for more visual eye catching which is also cozy to use.

This project only takes no more than 10 minutes only if you focus on doing it and are not bothered by other activities.

Without further do, let’s get started!

How to Make a Scrunchie with Bow Step by Step

crochet scrunchie

Materials :

1.2 (two) type of yarns, green yarn (acrylic), yarn for the ribbon (t-shirt yarn/zpagethi yarn);

2.Crochet hook size 3,5 mm;

3.Plain elastic band/hair tie/bracelet;


5.Sewing yarn (pink);

6.Sewing needle.

Abbreviations           :

Sc             : Single crochet

Ch             : Chain

Ss              : Slip stitch

Step 1. Crochet Scrunchie (main body)

crochet scrunchie

1&2. First, use green yarn and tie the yarn with a secure knot on the hair tie.

crochet scrunchie

3&4. Use a crochet hook and Sc 40 all around, ss at the end of the stitch and then ch 1 (2 times/row).

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crochet scrunchie

5&6. Cut yarn and weave in the end with a hook and the remaining yarn on the beginning round.

Step 2. Attach a Cute Bow

crochet scrunchie

7&8. Use pink yarn, measure enough to make the ribbon body, and the middle strap of the ribbon then cut it with a scissor.

If you don’t have a measuring tape you can use your finger, 3 times the index finger for the ribbon body, and 1x the little finger for the middle strap of the ribbon. Measure with a ruler for 8 inches/cm for ribbon body, and  2.2 inches/cm long for ribbon middle strap.

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crochet scrunchie

9&10. After all done, place it in the last stitch or messy stitch so that the results will look flawless, and make sure the arrangement is neat and then sewing the back with a sewing needle and sewing thread, make sure it’s firm.

Sew it together and use thread that has similar color with the ribbon carefully and neatly, done!

crochet scrunchie

Q & A (Question and answer) commonly asked questions.

Q : Who is this project for?

A: For all of you who like to use hair tie and know how to do crochet. You can make this project for yourself, or you can also sell it to make money or give it as a present to your special person.

Q: How to wear this scrunchie?

A: For thin hair, you can tie your hair with this hair tie 3 times around and for thick hair, just 2 times is enough.

Q: Where do I buy yarns and elastic bands?

A: I bought 2 types of yarns that I used in this project at the online store @yarnisland, and the “crafitasi” shop in Tokopedia, while for the elastic band I accidentally found it in my room. You can also buy it at the nearest grocery store.

Q: What accessories can be used besides ribbon or bow?

A: In addition to the bow or ribbon you can also use other alternatives such as beads, buttons, fake flowers, etc. Try everything, be creative!

Q: When should I use this hair tie?

A: Anytime, to school, to the mall, etc. Maybe for inspiration you might have a group of friends whom you close with so you can make this project for them in a variety of ribbon colors and use it together in an event, it will be very cute.

Q: Why did I make this project?

A: in Indonesia elastic band is used to wrap food and sometimes hair tie too, I also used it for several times but this hair tie damaged my hair so I really don’t recommend and that’s how this project was born. I want to take care of my hair and also want to share it with you my readers.

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crochet scrunchie

Pretty simple right?

If you feel that this post is helpful. I would like to hear about it.  So that I can make another post similar like this in the future and share it with you.

Last but not least, If you have a question don’t hesitate, please ask me by leaving a comment below.

If you like this post please share it with your friends. Thank you for stopping by.

Good luck.

Happy crocheting! Have a great day.




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