Crochet Keychain Pouch: a Simple Hack for Traveler

crochet keychain pouch

Are you the type of person who is neat and organized?

If you ask me, then my answer is yes! Unless the items I have haven’t moved anywhere else LOL, I will always be able to remember where the items belong to one by one.

Most of the items you often forget are mini-sized, right? such as car keys, house keys, parking tickets, movie tickets, coupons, coins, first aid and so on.

The purpose of the item is made in a small size is actually to make it easier for you to carry it everywhere, but with that cutie size also makes you often quickly lost it. Then how do you deal with that?

Do you have to do surgery for your brain to be like a brilliant robot? Haha, NO! it’s too much.

Or do you have to keep memos on your cell phones as a reminder? Fine, you can do it, but it’s pretty annoying right If you have to see the memos every time.

So I have an idea, what if we just collect all the small items in one place by making a keychain shaped like a pouch. It’s easy!

Come on let’s get started.

First, prepare the equipment needed below:

crochet keychain pouch

Materials :

  1. Small cotton  yarns/amigurumi yarns (color optional)
  2. Crochet hook size 3,5 mm
  3. Button (1)
  4. Sewing needle
  5. Sewing thread (brown color)
  6. Ring for keychain (1)
  7. Stitch marker

Abbreviations :

  1. Sc    : Single crochet
  2. Ch   : Chain
  3. Sl st : Slip stitch
  4. St     : Stitch

Crochet the Body of Keychain Pouch

crochet keychain pouch

Round 1 : (Use the grey yarn) Start by making a knot, and then Single crochet 11 times, then Sc 3 times on the second chain from the hook. Continue Sc 8, then Sc 3 times in the last stitch. Turn the project, Sc 8, and Slip stitch on the first ch, then ch 1.

crochet keychain pouch

Round 2: Single crochet in the next stitch, Sc 2 times in the same stitch, then Sc 8, (Sc 2, Sc 2, Sc 2 corner), Sc 8, Sc 2, Slip stitch in the end.

Round 3-12 : Placing the stitch marker, Sc all around for 10 rows.

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Round 13: Placing the stitch marker again, Single crochet 6, Ch 4 (ignore 4 stitches), Sc 17. *in this point to make a hole for the button.

Round 14-15 : Sc all around for 2 rows.

Round 16: Turn to the other side, Sc 2, Chain 1, Sc in the same place, and then Sc 12 (repeat this row for 5 times).

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crochet keychain pouch

Round 17 : Turn to the other side, Single crochet next stitch, Sc 12.

Round 18 : Turn to the other side, Single crochet next stitch, Sc 11.

Round 19 : Turn to the other side, Single crochet next stitch, Sc 10.

Round 20 : Turn to the other side, Single crochet next stitch, Sc 9.

Round 21: Turn to the other side, Single crochet next stitch, Sc 8, and cut yarn, weave in the end. Done crochet for the body.

Make a pouch handle

After that crochet the middle rope (with white yarn). It’s simple, just make a knot with crochet hook in the middle of the bag shoulder, Chain about 15, and then slip stitch cut yarn and make a tight knot with the remaining yarn.

crochet keychain pouch

Attach the button

The last step is to attach the button to the keychain pouch, place the button on top of the pouch in the middle side and then sew it with sewing thread and sewing needle after all finished then place the keychain ring 4 VOALAA this is it! It’s ready to be used.

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Crochet Keychain Pouch

Easy isn’t it? Because on this project I’m on purpose only uses simple techniques, so everyone can make it especially beginners.

The pattern that I use also only uses 1 color thread for the body of the project, so it will not be complicated to replace threads.

This keychain pouch can contain up to 4-5 small items so that it will be very helpful to bring them when traveling.

Do you like it?

I hope this post can inspire you, If yes, please share it with your friends. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write in the comments down below.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy crocheting.

Have a great day!