Crochet Cat Headband with Windproof Ears : Free Pattern

crochet cat headband

What yarn do you have at home?

Acrylic? Cotton? Polyester?

Relax, you can make this project using any kind of yarns, choose what you like to work with.

If you like to crochet with acrylic yarn then go with acrylic and so on.

This project is perfect for thin yarns.

Actually the idea of ​​this project is that I want to accommodate a thin yarn to be useful for any project, so you don’t have to buy a new one which requires you to spend money “use what you have and be productive” goal for today.

For today I will show you how to crochet cat headband which have windproof ears, WHAT?

Yes windproof, so you don’t have to be afraid to use this headband on a windy day because you’ll still look cool HA!

How can it be windproof?

Because we will use the secret material that is a cardboard.

Want to get started now?

Ok let’s go!

You will need:

crochet cat headband

  1. Cotton yarn grey size super fine.
  2. Crochet hook size 2,5 mm, for Indonesian you can buy it here.
  3. Tapestry needle (I forgot to include this one on the picture).
  4. A scissor.
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Cardboard
  7. Marker
  8. Ruler

Difficulty level  : Beginner

Abbreviations   :

  1. Ch                : Chain
  2. Sc                 : Single crochet
  3. Sl st              : Slip stitch

Step by step       :

Crochet Cat Headband (Main body)

crochet cat headband

Row 1             : Ch 80, join with a sl st into ring (for kids approximately ch 60-70).

Row 2             : Ch 1, sc all around and join with a sl st, ch 1 repeat the same pattern for about 7 rows (3,4,5,6,7,8,9), cut yarn and weave in the end.

crochet cat headband

Row 10           : Take your yarn and sc for the lining (up part and down part)


For this headband size, since this project uses cotton yarn that is hard to bend, you should measure it fit with the size of your head using measuring tape, for example the size of my head is approximately 20 inches.

If your head is bigger than me, easy! you just add the initial chain to 82, 85 and so on. Trust your intuition, HA!

But if you use another type of yarn for example acrylic yarn which is a stretch type, make sure to make your headband size smaller than your head size, because later the yarn will be bigger by itself when you wear it.

crochet cat headband

First make two ears from cardboard,

Here’s the details :

Prepare black marker, ruler and cardboard, mark the cardboard with 3 inches length, make a point in the middle, mark the height of 2.5 inches and draw  s with a ruler based on the mark.

Make two ears from cardboard. If you feel the size is too big, you can make the size smaller like you want.

Now it’s time to crochet cat ears.

crochet cat headband

Step by step              :

Ch 16, sc on second ch from hook and until corner, turn the project, join with a sl st in the next st and sc till corner, and repeat until you use all the stitches, and join with a sl st cut yarn and weave in the end.

Make four ears,two of them leave a long tail yarn to sew the ears into two pieces with the cardboard inside each ear.

Make sure you sew your ears carefully and precisely so that the ears can stand properly as you expect, don’t forget to estimate the distance between the ear so that the results resemble real ears.

crochet cat headband

Yay it’s DONE !

How ? Do you like it ? I think my results are big enough for a real cat, I think it’s more like a wolf. It’s fine, wolves are cute too :).

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crochet cat headband

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