Birthday Craft: Diy White Flower Card.

Is your sister or your boyfriend going to celebrate her/his birthday?

Want to buy a trendy floral-themed birthday card but it’s expensive? Let’s make our own beautiful and unique DIY White Flower Card. Let’s go!

P.s I made this post to inspire others to be able to bring out their creative potential. Also, I made this birthday card yesterday for my special person (hello you there xoxo).

Step by Step

flower card

Materials :

1. Multi-Purpose Paper size A4 (210X297mm) I use Peach color;
2. Coloring pens (I use black, brown, and pink);
3. Ruler;
4. Scissor;
5. Plastic (small size generally for jewelry wrapping);
6. Double tape;
7. Clear tape;
8. a Flower (I use white bougainvillea).

Step 1. Preparation

Prepare the birthday greeting that you want to deliver to your special one. You can also add your favorite quotes, I personally like the quotes in the book “Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari ini (nkcthi)” by marchellafp.

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Think of what picture you want to add so that the card looks more unique. I recommend that you draw an item or something that has a deep meaning for you and the person who is having a birthday.

In my case, I drew some daisy flowers in a photo frame because I have an admiration for daisy flowers, and the person I gave this letter is very aware of that. So that’s why I hope the beautiful words in the card will get to their heart.

Step 2. Execution

flower card


1. Birthday date;
2. Quote;
3. Birthday greetings;
4. Name of the sender.

For the arrangement above you can change it as you wish. And for decoration, I don’t think you need to add too many pictures because in my opinion simple decorations make the contents more visible and the end results will look more beautiful.

After you feel enough to write and decorate the birthday card, and if you think there is still a lot of space remaining you can mark it with a ruler and ballpoint pen and cut it according to the line.

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Then fold the paper, and attach the flowers using any kind of clear tape/tape that you have, on the front cover of the card.

After that, insert the floral birthday card into a clear envelope so that the flower decoration and the beautiful color of the paper can be seen and finally the birthday card is ready to be given. Yeeyy…….

flower card

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flower card

Super easy right??

Tips: Don’t doubt yourself, take as many of your imagination as possible, and if you want, you can add other decorations like colorful washi tape, stickers or something else.

Good luck 🙂

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Good luck.

Happy DIY!
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