About Me


I’m Rahma a blogger, crochet designer and crafter who like binge eating freezing mint candies. I like to create fun things and share with others. It’s been my dream since kid to have a creative blog and here I am 25 years later, Yay!

I like to create fun and useful things and I want to encourage you to make it with me because my goal is I want inspire others to become creative.

Beside crochet, I like making DIY such as scrapbooking, sewing, handlettering, watercolour art, photography, etc.

I love handmades. I believe that by making a handmade can develop positive vibes to my self and people around me.

In this blog I will try my best to make step by step tutorials that are easy to follow.


Fun facts about me:.

I graduated from faculty of law and I love making handmades

I grew up in Java Island, Indonesia and was raised by incredible parent

I’m a hardworker, but I’m also a procrastinator

My go to road trip snack are heathy bar and mint candies

rahma childhood


My mom told me that I’m a crafty person since childhood.

When I was a kid I used to created a camp in front of my grandma’s house from banana leaves, and some light stem.

I gathered all my close friend to my camp and we did a lot of fun things in there.

Mostly I came back to my home with the dust all over my body. Gladly my parent was cool. They wouldn’t be angry with me except I murder someone LOL.


And here’s one of my favorite corner in my home where I usually crochet my projects.

favorite corner

That book is like my personal crochet diary, I write all my patterns on it.

I love rainy season, especially when I can read my favorite books while sipping a glass of hot chocolate. Best feeling ever !

That’s it,

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