10 Fast, Simple & Easy Crochet Projects for You Who Just Starting

easy crochet projects

Do you know what is the hardest thing faced by beginner knitters? Yes, you are right! to determine what will be their first project.

This will be very confusing if you don’t have the right guide. I write this post based on my experience so stay tuned.

When you finally master the basic knitting techniques you will be very excited to be able to make something you can be proud of and show it to your family and friends, right?

But, be patient gurls. I know your first project will be very memorable for you.

But the hurry isn’t good either, too much expectations will hurt you at the end. Because I have experienced it before.

I gave up many times when I just started. It was very bad and only wasted my time. Don’t do that.

Because you just started knitting, my suggestion is to choose a project that has a pattern that is not too complicated so it will not burden you like a placemat, rug, or mug cozy, etc.

It’s fine if you use a large yarn first for your first project, then try with medium size yarn then small. Slow but sure, I can then you can too!

At that time I remembered that I was really sure of my ability which was still at the basic level that I could make a sweater.

I bought a lot of knitting equipment like hooks, tapestry needles, yarns and pretty much anything mentioned in the video tutorial.

I’m too excited and I can’t finish my first project not even half of it, just a few rows, I cry and intend to give up.

At first what I learned was knitting and then I became interested in crocheting. There’s no reason, at that time I even I didn’t know the difference between the two xoxo.

Back to the main topic.

Below I have collected 10 fast, simple and easy crochet projects that you can make as a beginner knitter that I wished I knew before.

These projects are very beautiful and easy to make,isn’t that great? Let’s go and check it out!

Simple, Fast & Easy Crochet Projects

1.Crochet Pom-pom Blanket.

2.Crochet Ear Warmer.

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3.Crochet Discloth Easy for Beginner.

4.Easy Crochet Mop Cover.

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5.Crochet Cute Sunglasses Pouch.

6.Crochet Phone Cozy.

7.30 Minute Easy Chunky Crochet Beanie.

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8.Crochet Towel Holder.

9.Ocean Front Bed Pillows.

10.Easy Crocheted Coin Purse.

Note: All photos featured here belong to their creators and each project in this post has already given proper credit to the owner. Just click the images and you will be redirected to the website where the original project was found.

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easy crochet projects

See? Awesome right?

Now, Have you got inspiration for your first crochet project? I want to know about it too. Tell me in the comments section.

And I also want to say “Congratulation on your first crochet project“, a big thumbs up for you.

If you feel that this post is helpful. I would like to hear about it.  So that I can make another post similar like this in the future and share it with you.

Last but not least, If you have a question don’t hesitate, please ask me by leaving a comment below. I will help you as much as I can.

If you like this post please share it with your friends. Thank you for stopping by.

Good luck. Happy crocheting!

Have a great day.